Is your PC or laptop slow to load?  Or is simply full of IT gremlins that you need help with?

If so then our 'Computer Servicing' service could be perfect for you.   We use a series of tweaks and techniques to help bring the best out of your computer.  Whether your computer is a year old or six years old there are definitely benefits to having your computer serviced on a yearly basis.  

You can almost look at our Computer Service in the same way you would when having your car serviced, where by it helps to improve performance, efficiency and the life of the item.


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Software Clean

Removal of unnecessary software clogging up your PC, freeing your computer up to do to what you need it to.  

Deep Virus Clean

Our virus removal service uses the latest security software available to help recover your PC.

We are also an authorised seller of Anti-Virus software, allowing us to provide clients with suitable security suites to meet their needs.

Errors Resolved

As part of the service we'll iron out any issues pre-discussed with the user.

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Disk & Registry Clean

We clean the disk of temporary and junk files leaving all of your personal data in place.

Software Updates

We ensure that your Operating System and computer drivers are fully up to date, helping to keep your computer secure.

Browser Clean

Our browser clean allows for smoother browsing without having to use that strange homepage you accidentally installed six months ago.

At the end of the service you can expect back a Virus free computer, that boots quicker and is more responsive to use.  During the service we leave all of your personal data (photos, documents, music etc) in place whilst removing all the junk that's slowing you down.

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All of this for £70

For more information contact us today on 01174 220 484

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