Managed IT Support

With the Managed IT Support service we take on full management of your IT infrastructure, allowing you to concentrate on what's important  to your business.  

Prices start from £25.00 per user a month depending on your infrastructure and the level of cover you require.

The service works extremely well for companies with more than five staff or for companies with larger IT infrastructures.   As well as the Standard IT support as a Managed Support customer you'll also receive the following from us.

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Prioritised Support

As part of our Managed Support Service you'll receive prioritised support over our Pay As You Go customers.   You'll also gain access to our web based helpdesk portal allowing you to log and monitor any IT related issues relating to yourself or to your company.

Support is typically carried out with onsite visits or remotely using the latest remote access software.

Asset Management

As your IT infrastructure grows, it can be difficult to keep track of your equipment.  When was it purchased? When does the warranty expire? When should we replace it?   As part of the support service we maintain a live register of all your IT assets so you don't have to.


We can then advise when equipment should be serviced or replaced, allowing your business to budget for any replacement equipment.

Proactive Support

Rather than sitting back and waiting for you to contact us like a lot of IT support companies tend to do. 


We proactively work on your Infrastructure ensure that you get your monies worth from your support contract each month.

Providing small businesses with the power of IT.

Real-time Monitoring

Using the latest technology we provide real-time monitoring on all PC's, laptops and servers.  This allows us to identify potential issues before they become an issue and act on them appropriately.

License Management

Similar to the Asset Management we run a live register of all the software licenses you own and who is using them.  As your business grows it can be easy to forget who is using what licenses. 


As staff leave and new staff join we'll ensure that licenses are re-distributed to staff so you don't end up buying more licenses then you need.

Onsite Visits

We have a standard Service Level Agreement in place for all clients that use our Managed IT Support service, but are more than happy to tailor this to each of our customer's needs. 


The service level agreement will include details of response and completion times for all IT issues and feature requests.

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