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As a home users you can benefit from such services as our computer repair service, or even our PC service which can bring new life into an under performing PC or laptop.  Give us a call to take advantage of our free 30min diagnosis service, at the end of which we'll be able to provide you with a free 'no obligation quote'.

Our services are not exclusive to those listed on this page, so if you can't find what you are looking for give us a call.


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Computer Servicing

Our Computer Servicing works in a similar way to having your car serviced.  This service is designed to improve both the performance and the life of your computer. 


Our professional technicians will give your computer a thorough check up and ensure that your computer is performing as it should. We make sure that there are no viruses or spyware on the computer and ensure that all security software is completely up to date. We will clean up the disks and rid your computer of un-necessary files, that take up much needed hard drive space. 



Virus Removal

Viruses can be a major issue for both home and business users.

Our virus removal service uses the latest security software available to help recover your PC.

We are also an authorised seller of Anti-Virus software, allowing us to provide clients with suitable security suites to meet their needs.


Computer Repairs

Our experienced technicians are able to offer a high quality hardware repair service at fair and competitive prices.  We offer a free 30 minute diagnosis service which we use to locate the issue, we then provide you with a free 'no obligation' quote to repair.


Customers will receive regular updates on the status of the repair via our state of the art IT ticketing system.

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From £20

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Ad-Hoc Support

If you just need the occasional bit of help with your computer we offer an Ad-hoc support service.  This service is great for resolving minor issues such as software issues, computer configuration problems.

Adhoc support is typically carried out using our remote support software, meaning you don't even need to leave the comfort of your home.

From £15

Computer Upgrades

It's not always feasible to replace your PC every 3-4 years, whether that is due to finances or perhaps a sentimental attachment to your computer.  Instead why not look at upgrading your computer to give it a new lease of life.

Our experienced technicians can advise on and carry out all manor of hardware repairs from simple memory upgrades, hard drive or SSD replacements, to motherboard and processor upgrades.  

From £20

Home Networking

In today's digital household we have computers, smart tv's, mobile phones, tablets and whole host of other devices, all of which are reliant on the terrible routers supplied by your Internet Provider.

We can assist with basic network connectivity issues, increasing the range of your network, or we can help to plan out a fully functional network across your entire property.

From £35

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